Yoga Teacher Training Course in Dharamsala

Upstairs Singh Corner Cafe Upper Bagsu, Dharamsala, H.P, India

Yoga TTC in Dharamsala: – It is an awesome place for meditation, and you will find many Yoga world  courses at McLeod Ganj Dharamsala. You will love to do the meditation out here in the Upper Dharamsala region. It is quite peaceful as well as away from any sound of traffic. The region is around 2546 meters up with respect to sea level. We also know it as the little Lhasa as well, and it is a popular hill station from the days of British Raj. You can easily reach McLeod Ganj from lower Dharamsala or the Kotwali Bazar. It is just nine kilometers by bus and only 4 kilometers via taxi. The lower Dharamsala is the headquarters of the Kangra district as well, and you will find many of the local government offices as well. Yoga teacher training Dharamsala India, will therefore help to revitalize your life. 

The majority of the population out here is of Tibetans, and even Dalai Lama stays here only. With the blessings as well as teachings of his holiness Dalai Lama, you will find many  courses that are running in various schools out here, and you can easily find a place in any of them. People from all over the world come out here, and they learn some of the toughest lessons of Yoga.

There is a snowfall out here during the month of winter, and hence you will certainly find no classes running during that season. Out here, you can learn Hatha Yoga, Ashtanga Yoga, Meditation, Kundalini Yoga, Kriya Yoga and so on. However, make sure that in most of the schools you need to submit UD$ 300 fee within first five days of the course. Course certified by  starts in 15 of every month. Hence, Yoga teacher training Dharamsala is also highly affordable.

Yoga ttc in Dharamsala

Our yoga school is located at upper bhagsu– a village which is above of the McLeod Ganj and Dharamshala city, it is a wonderful place owned for yoga classes, it is a very warm and artistic place for classes. This place is cryptic and located far from the Dharamshala city life and still having a local cultural center and the having meeting point place for many travelers. The hall in this place has an energetic property. In the evening’s music and various artists’ events are organized here, at the daytime in the bhagsu you can enjoy the tasteful baked bread and cakes someone says Bhagsu is “your real home far away from home.”

The altitude here is between between 1250 and 1982 meters. The temperature is maximum near about 38 degrees Celsius during April, May, and June season. And from the start of July to the end of Septembers there is monsoon season here. In the early hours of the morning and during the evenings a light rain is to be necessary herein may, or June season for the beautiful atmosphere of nature, it can be chilly so that some light warm clothes would be good for us. In the daytime atmosphere can be warm with a small amount of sunshine, clear sky, a beautiful scenery appears to watch to feel and good weather.

Our Yoga TTC In Dharamsala Is 27-Days Residential Program

In Our Yoga Teacher Training Program, classes start with pranayama and meditation in the early morning. We practice a whole day for asana and evening is to be relaxed and calm down your soul. Our TTC program starts at 6:00 am, and classes get over near about 6:00 pm. During the daytime, students have a long lunch break for – they rejuvenate their mind by having healthy food, tea, and snacks here.

Our TTC program dwells on yoga classes with activities like practical workshops, lectures, and other activities like discussions, silent walks, group activities karma yoga that is all incorporated into yoga courses in Dharamsala. And on every Saturday, students do only asana practice, and after that, in remaining time they do self-practice, and on Sunday, students relax as the day is free for leisure activities.

We are happy to invite all the practitioners, students, and advanced practitioners to take yoga teacher training, and those who just need to improve their self-practice. People facing health issues are also being welcome to join our yoga teacher training Course in Dharamshala classes. Just keep in your mind that our Yoga with Raj teacher training course in Dharamshala is a 4-week intensive program with a serious and deep yoga practice for every day. So, for healthy fit and fine body, enroll in our yoga classes today. If you participate in our yoga TTC course, you will be able to pass the exam, and you can become a certified yoga teacher with the help of yoga teacher training in Dharamsala.


How to get there at Dharamshala for participating

  • AIR – there is an airport near to Dharamshala situated at Gaggal which is 15 km in the southwest. You can fly from Delhi to gaggal from kingfisher flies. After that you can take a taxi at gaggal Airport to reach McLeod Ganj it cost around 450 rupees, and it will take 45 min where you can attain the knowledge of yoga through yoga teacher training in Dharamsala. Drive to reach our training center.
  • BUS – there are a lot of buses available at evening to reach Dharamshala from Delhi. It takes around10 to 12 hours. The Himachal roadway transport corporation operates buses on a daily basis. There air-conditioned and non-air-conditioned buses are available for your journey from Delhi to Dharamshala according to your budget; bus services are also available from Manali and Shimla.
  • TRAIN – far-reaching the Dharamshala Pathankot is the nearest train station which is 85-km away from Dharamshala. Trains from all over the country it’s easy to reach at Pathankot from anywhere, and after that, there is a 3- hour journey by car or buses to reach the Dharamshala city.
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