Raj believes that there is a wonderful opportunity to use yoga to intentional develop wholesome qualities that can be skillfully applied to make positive changes in our lives and in the world. 

This happens when we challenge ourselves on every level in order to realize our full potential, both on and off the mat. Having completed his 200-hour Teacher Training Course in May 2013, Yogi Raj is a highly reputed teacher among his students. He offers simple, direct and effective yoga instruction which suited me perfectly. 

Yogi Raj stands out from other teachers through his no-frills approach to yoga and his personability. He believes that there is no place for ego in yoga, and that is what makes Yogi Raj such a wonderful teacher. He keeps it simple, effective and most of all make it about his students. From the moment you enter his class, you know that you are there to work and that he is going to help you along the entire way.

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