Swami Ashok Samdarshi

He was born in 1974 in a small village called Rampur Dhabi (Mamania), district-Mirzapur near Varanasi in India. He comes from a farmer Hindu family. His real name is Ashok Kumar Singh while his spiritual name remains Swami Ashok Samdarshi. He received his Master’s degree in Chemistry (Organic Chemistry). Swami has been on a spiritual and self-discovery path since 2001. On his path, he traveled across all India and Nepal and practiced higher yogic and tantric techniques. He spent some time living alone and naked in the Himalayan mountains where he achieved self-realization. Swami Samdarshi is an experienced meditation teacher, spiritual guide, spiritual-meditative therapist as well as a social activist. His inner journey and practices have been inspired mainly by the teachings of Osho, Patanjali, Buddha, J Krishnamurti, and Gurdjieff. Swami is an Osho disciple. He has studied all subjects including ancient Vedic, yogic and tantra texts. His teaching is mostly inspired by Osho, his extensive meditative self-practice and field social work experience. He integrates spiritual teaching of the Eastern philosophy with a contemporary scientific Western approach to deliver unique spiritual-scientific teaching. His teaching focuses on the experiential aspects of meditation, deep healing, and transformation. Swami helps his students to get an insight into holistic meditation. His teaching allows them to find the inner truth, peace, and joy. Swamiji has also been teaching in Osho ashrams and other spiritual places in India. He has been teaching group and individual meditation, facilitating workshops and seminars and guiding spiritual seekers from all over the world on their spiritual path. Swami is also inexpert in energy healing and chakra treatment.

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