Self-realisation through Meditation ( For Beginners) –By Swami Dr. Prashantanand.

It is a unique course comprising of Philosophy, Pranayama, and Meditation – a combination of Theory and Practical.


Meditation is a process for the nourishment of our body ,mind, and soul. The place Arambol is a renounced sea beach in northern Goa in India, an appropriate and for meditation. It provides unpolluted sea breeze clean and tranquilizing environment .The aura of this place will automatically push you into the inner realm of yourself ,and make you introvert; away from all mundane stress and strain The personalized hospitability provided here will make you feel as if you are in your second home.Every student joining us is treated as a special guest who will feel honoured to be a part and parcel of this joint venture. Nothing matters more to us than your trust.


Mind is nothing other than bundle of thought. Dispersing it’s power into various aspects and channels makes it week and less effective. Concentrating all it’s power into one and focused point can make miracles.But how to do that ? How to achieve that all powerful and all penetrating mind ? The total and the only answer to these questions in one word is -Meditation .Everyone wants a break from the hustle & bustle of the daily life and wants to get a break from chaos in mind . So why not chose a complete combo package that will give you a healthy body ,and a purified mind to establish yourself within yourself. The programme offered here at Arambol is provided under the direct guidance and supervision of well experienced -worldly as well as otherworldly.

About Swami Ji:

Swami ji was born on 14 th. January 1945 in a Diwan family of a Princely state of Sarangarh than Central Prvinces, now Chhattisgarh state. He was extraordinary unique & all round student.He was the topper and Gold Medalist in MA Sociology exam.of 1970,and also completed Ph.D degree from Ravishankar University,Raipur. .After serving ISRO (Indian Space Research Orgarisation ) from 1973-76 he joined PG Department of Sociology,Sambalpur University Sambalpur, Odisha, as a faculty member in 1976. He got married with Preeti in 1974, and blessed with two sons- Amit and Ashish.

A miracle happened in 1977 in his life when Goddess Mother (Maa Durga) came in his Divine Vision and disclosed the purpose of his life.,that he had to spread the Ultimate Knowledge of the Divine and Divinity.He turned into a truth seeker and was initiated in Dhyan Yoga in 1977 and started practicing Yoga, Pranayama,and Meditation for 22 years. During his spiritual wandering stage he had an opportunity to get the blessings of renounced Swamies,Sadhoos, Yogies, and Realised Souls in Himalayan caves, Varanasi Ghats, and various renounced Ashrams but could’nt find the Perfect Master who can impart the ultimate Brahma Gyana

At last The Pertfect Master found him himself and initiated him into Brahma Gyan in 1999,and again initiated in Swami Cader (Sanyasa Diksha) in 2000. He took voluntary retirement from university job in 2006 to plunge into deep meditation .At present he is a living example of a perfect health ,mind, and spirit by Yoga through Yoga.
We are blessed to have him in our team of Yoga with Raj.

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** Programs going to start at Arambol :–
—3 Dec to 12 Dec 2018 (10 days )
—3 Jan to 12 Jan 2019 (10 days )
—17Jan to 26 Jan 2019(10 days)
—4 Feb to 13 Feb 2019 (10 days )
—19 Feb to 28 Feb 2019(10 days)

**Charges for the programe:–
— With food & accommodation USD – 500
— Without food &accommodation USD – 300

** Advance Booking charges: USD -150 (Nonrefundable )

** For advance booking please
contact :- Swami Dr.
Prashantanand :- email – , WhatsApp # ,+91 9779469049

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