International Yoga Day

It is declared by UN that the official International Yoga Day will be celebrated on 21st June, every year. This is our chance to think about yoga and its importance to human society. Almost everybody knows about yoga but still, there are very fewer people who do it completely and routinely. Today, we are going to talk about this topic and its importance to us.

International Yoga Day – Yoga’s origin is from Hinduism and India, it is widely believed in India that Hindu Lord Shiva himself elaborated yoga and it’s doing to earlier saints and sadhus. Yoga is not a part of any religion but a scientific activity to help and assist us. Its importance and benefits are limitless; yoga can help you in almost every way, from peaceful mind to slim body- all of this by just doing yoga daily for an hour. The people who do yoga or have done it knows what I am talking about, but other people need to know what they are missing. When people see sale they usually can’t resist it and that’s why almost all companies promote and publicize their sale, discount on products, etc. International Yoga Day International Yoga Day

International Yoga Day – This also applies to yoga, if people get to know its miraculous benefits they will definitely adopt it but it needs proper promotion and publicizing and that’s what we are doing. We promote yoga, we make yoga teachers and we are serving the society in a great way. Coming back to Yoga Day, did you know that more than 170 countries supported the resolution for celebrating yoga day on 21st June when Our Honorable PM Mr. Narender Modi addressed the UN General Assembly and make this proposal.

From this year on, 170+ countries will celebrate this day and it is a big stage for people who do yoga to promote yoga practice and spread more awareness. Gandhi used to say that “Be the change you want to see and the world will be a better place to live.” We are following his thought and you should too, to make this world a better place, to make yourself a better person. To you, it may look like a post to promote our services and it is true as well as false because we are not promoting our service with the motive of our profit but at the same time, we are promoting to serve the human race.

Nobody needs percentage and records to see the level of increasing mental breakdowns, increasing sensitiveness, the decrease in thinking ability or how a large number of people stays tensed over the smallest things. All of these problems are not because of them or their nature, personality, etc, etc. All of this is the result of the environment that has been created around everyone. Why a short tempered person usually stays calm when he is in a peaceful environment or on a vacation? Because his environment is calm and peaceful and this automatically reflects on him.

It is true that environment has an impression on humans that is why a person living with another short temper person also becomes like him. To decrease the effect of hectic and tense environment, we should adopt yoga because it is only activity that can give the feel of calm and peace even in the noisiest place. You can’t stay on vacation for whole life or go to church or temple whenever you need peace but you can do yoga daily to make a peaceful life and carry this life wherever you go. Now suppose that people agreed to adopt yoga but the question is who is going to teach them. Instead of finding the peace they will get frustrated over learning yoga by eBooks or by short videos on the internet because yoga has to be customized individually to support a person and there will be nobody to tell them about which asanas (postures) to do or how to do?

That’s where we come, we offer very well “yoga teacher” training in India and have various Centers in various cities. We make the teachers of tomorrow by giving them proper training in various styles of yoga and helping in spreading YOGA. We have very experienced teachers to teach students from all over the world and giving them training in various levels like beginners, inter-mediatory, etc. All a person has to do is pack his bag, come here and think of this as a vacation but at the same time learning something priceless and there is the possibility that this trip may change your life in a good way.

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